Custom Metal Signs

Custom metal signs are absolutely huge right now and a quick glance on social media will show you just how popular they are with consumers. They're a great way to personalise your space and in this post, we'll be looking at some ways that you can use metal signs to spruce up your home.

Use them as wall art

If you're a big fan of wall art, buying a custom metal sign online can be a great way to grow your art collection and help elevate your space. They look great alongside modern art pieces as well as paired with more classical items as they can be styled accordingly.

You can hang metal signs directly from the wall or attach them to the wall using nails. This will be dependent on how you have styled and hung your other pieces but it means that you have the freedom to choose what's best for you. If you want something different, a metal sign might be what you're looking for.

Personalise your door signs

Another really handy way you can use decorative metal signs in your home is by using them as door signs. Whether you use them to mark whose bedroom is whose or to help guests find the bathroom, metal signs can be a great way to help signpost our home whilst also helping t ensure that the style is consistent with your overall interior design style.

Place them around your garden

Garden metal signs can also be used in the garden to add some character and style, elevating the space and adding some often much-needed personality. You can hang them from the fence posts or gates and can help ensure that your garden has some sort of connection to the style you have inside the home, personalising them to suit your specific needs.

Get your personal space up to spec

Who doesn't love having a space just for themselves? They’re great and can allow the adults of the house to get some much-needed rest and are also used to entertain older guests and section off a small area that won’t be used by the kids. If you’re a football fan, you can get a custom metal sign to show your allegiance to The Dragons while you can do the same for your favourite club football team.

Make the kitchen our favourite room

You can include a decorative metal sign in the kitchen to help make the space a bit more you, signposting where things are or just adding some nice touches, such as favourite quotes or mantras to help you get through the day. What’s more, you can also have words or images printed on different shapes, meaning you can personalise your tea, coffee, and sugar containers.

Decorate your children’s bedroom (without having to paint)

Kids absolute love being fully immersed in their hobbies and having a decorative metal sign with their favourite football team or superhero on is a great way to help them have a space that is truly theirs, plus it means you won’t need to give them a full bedroom makeover. Nobody likes having to do a full renovation and painting can be an absolute nightmare, especially when a kid is hanging about and trying to get involved.

Professionalise your at-home office

More people than ever are working from home and while there are some great at-home offices, many of them lack the professional feel that many employers expect. Adding a metal sign, such as a quote that relates to your industry, can be a great way to impress your employer as well as potential clients that you work with. Personalised metal signs are so versatile and useful.

You can support local businesses 

As with many of the items listed on Made in Cymru, your purchases directly help local sellers and puts the money back into the community. The custom metal signs that we have on Made in Cymru are the perfect Welsh gift that can help reinvent your home or garden and won’t cost heaven and earth. Make sure to check out our collection and get in touch if you want to learn more about the decorative metal signs that we offer.

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