Five Types of Handmade Gifts You Can Sell Online
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Five Types of Handmade Gifts You Can Sell Online

Before lockdown and Covid-19, the appetite to purchase handmade gifts was slowly increasing however the recent events have only escalated it. Handmade businesses are now becoming more and more popular.

But before you decide to go down the route of starting your own handmade gift business, you will need to come up with the perfect items that best suite your craft skills. There are so many different categories out there that will help you attract buyers to your gifts, crafts and products like Made In Cymru, Etsy, Amazon etc. Here are some popular gifts you can handmake and sell online.

Popular Handmade Gifts You Can Sell

Handmade Clothing

One of the most popular categories for handmade gifts, clothing is a great choice to get into, however, the market is very saturated and unless you have the skills and are a great designer, it might be worth thinking twice before you invest your time and money.

If you do decide though, you can stitch various garments from scratch, upcycle older items into new and improved clothes, paint or embroider or even print your own creative designs onto t-shires or other various garments.

Handmade Jewellery

Another popular category is handmade jewellery, with several materials to choose from like silver, copper, beads etc you can make rings, earrings, bracelets all with your own special creative touch. You could also make interesting pieces out of fiber or even blow your own glass.

Handmade Candles & handmade melts

Handmade candle gifts or wax melts is really taking off this year. You can create some unique fragrance combinations and use them to make your own pleasant smelling candles or melts. You could even go the next step and use some interesting moulds or jars to create candles that are also interesting decorative items.

Handmade Soaps

If you have all the right materials, you can make your own hand soap and even liquid soap and sell it online. You can even add essentials oils or unique fragrances to really make your handmade soaps stand out, have you ever walked on the high street and walked pass a Lush store, the smell hits you from about 10 metres away, a sure sign of popularity at crafts fairs if you can your smells right.

Handmade Glass Art

Another category that is growing in popularity, for those that achieved A* in Art back in their school days, you might want to consider going down the glass art route, shops like Ikea have a range of plain glassed products that you can purchase on the cheap and add your own creative touches.

Whatever path you choose to go down, offers you the platform to showcase your handmade gifts to local and wider audiences. Visit the site to sign up for your free seller account today.


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