How it began - Guest blog by Rosewood Crafts
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How it began - Guest blog by Rosewood Crafts

As part of the series of guest blogs from our lovely Made In Cymru sellers, we are delighted to bring you the back story of Rosewood Crafts.

Rosewood Crafts was born whilst we were living in Snowdonia 20 years ago. In its early years we concentrated on selling hand painted glassware and wooden toys made by my father. I should tell you at this point that my name is Rosie and my father Richard made things out of wood hence the name 'Rosewood Crafts' ! What started off as a hobby working on one table in the conservatory slowly gained momentum and space moving on to two tables , three tables and then as you may have guessed into a workshop . My workshop is fondly named The Shire. As a Tolkien fan it really makes me smile to say each day  "I am off to The Shire " .

We sold our work through word of mouth and by attending local fundraising events. Dad always donated his profits to various charity Macmillan , Claire House and Alzheimer society.

Fancying trying his hand at something else , alongside his toy making Dad began to make beautiful stained glass angels. They were a huge hit and he couldn't make them quick enough. Shortly before being diagnosed with Dementia he passed on the knowledge of making these to my husband.

When Dad passed away my husband continued to make them in Dads memory and always for charity. Upon retirement Neil expanded his range of stained glass skills and  decorations and now there is no stopping him. Rosewood crafts continues to be a real family business.

Now living in Flintshire and having attended many craft fairs over the years and embracing the world of social media Rosewood Crafts has grown into more than just a hobby. Many customers returning year after year and some becoming our friends. We continue to sell at craft fairs, online and to many local businesses.


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