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Made In Cymru Win Ecommerce Platform of The Year

North Wales-based Made in Cymru has won eCommerce platform of the year in the SME Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021

For most small and medium enterprises in Wales, the year 2021 has predominantly been about recovering from the pandemic and preparing their businesses for a post-pandemic future. The Welsh business community has shown resilience and unbreakable spirit during these turbulent times and have continued to be the flagbearers of the Welsh economy. As a country, Wales boasts its expertise in several sectors from entertainment to tourism, to aerospace, construction, and energy.

The Welsh Enterprise Awards programme is dedicated to award and celebrate certain Welsh businesses that have played a role in driving the country’s economy and have pushed the envelope to reach new heights of success within their respective industry. SME looks to recognise small and medium enterprises based purely on merit, quality of work and contribution to their industry of expertise.

Made In Cymru founder Mike Gwynne commented: "The site only launched in February this year, so I’m delighted that we have made so much progress in such short time to win the eCommerce platform award".

“The marketplace only exists because of the fabulous Welsh artisans that display their products, gifts and crafts from across the country so this first award is dedicated to them for having the faith in what Made in Cymru is trying to achieve.”

Awards Coordinator, Emma Pridmore, expressed her joy on the success of this year’s Welsh Enterprise Awards programme: “It was an honour to host the Welsh Enterprise Awards programme this year and I would like to congratulate Made in Cymru as they have displayed a contagious amount of strength and resilience to keep moving forward despite all hardships.”

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