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Meet the girl behind Pocketful of Dreams

Meet the people behind our shops!

In this blog series, we will introduce you not only to some of our favourite shops on the Made in Cymru platform but also find out what makes them special. From what motivated them to start creating to how much time goes into making each piece for sale - Each shop is uniquely different that you can't help but be inspired.

About Sarah

Hi, I'm Sarah and I live in Llanelli with my husband and two amazing kids.

Llanelli is a coastal town in South Wales, UK and it happens to be where I grew up. I love walking by the beach and listening to the sea. It’s my calm space, where I go when I need to clear my head. I'm also a lover of books, with a ridiculous amount of bookcases in my house!

Years spent working in cinemas instilled a love of films and I’ll watch all sorts from 1940’s black and white thrillers to Star Wars and Back to the Future to superhero movies. Another thing I enjoy doing to unwind is playing board games with friends and family. You might say I'm a bit of a geek who likes fantasy, superheroes and D&D. Oh, and one more thing, I love to make things.

I was a teenager when I discovered a love of fabric painting which quickly moved onto glass painting. Not long after that, I started to make candles, then cards. Finally, I started making jewellery. I’ve tried many different crafts over the years but the ones that have stuck with me the most are glass painting and beadwork making jewellery and bookmarks.

Glass painting has a freedom about it that’s very satisfying. Each piece is unique because each brushstroke is unique and I think that makes it even more special.

Anyone who has a glass painted by me within their home has a little piece of me with them too as I spend so long on each glass ensuring that it is perfect. I love to create new pieces of jewellery and bookmarks too. I will spend hours changing things back and forth to create exactly the look I want.

I use a mix of new and vintage beads to create things that are totally different to others around. There are usually only a limited number of items that can be made because of the limited number of vintage beads.

What's in a name?

Two years ago, in 2020, I decided to take this love to a new level and started a Facebook page and an Etsy shop to sell my jewellery, bookmarks, hand painted glasses and papercraft pictures. I called my shop Pocketful of Dreams in reference to a song of the same name by Billy Talent. I love that song and the lines that mean so much to me are 

Oh, reach into a pocketful of dreams,

Oh, now, before they fall out of the seams

Oh, take a chance, don’t matter if you fail

You’re too scared to try ‘cause you might break a nail

The song is about taking a chance and doing something rather than living life without risk. That's exactly how I felt when I started Pocketful like I was reaching into a pocketful of dreams and taking a risk. Time has passed and things have changed a little. I now have an Instagram page too and have begun to neglect my Etsy shop. The reason for that is simple. I found a new home at Made In Cymru.

Why Made in Cymru?

Made In Cymru is similar to Etsy but exclusively showcases Welsh talent. When you sign up as a seller you find you can actually talk to a real-life person rather than a helpline full of people who cannot really help you. While it’s growing steadily you still feel cared for, like part of a family, and any suggestions you make are considered. We have a Facebook group and applaud each other’s achievements, orders and reviews rather than competing against each other for sales. It feels far more like home than Etsy ever did. 

What does this mean for you as a buyer? It means that you are helping small businesses grow. You are buying from a person rather than a large company. A person who uses that money to pay for dance lessons for their child, for new and exciting board games or to pay their bills. A person who does a happy dance whenever they see a new order. You are also helping to grow an alternative to Etsy. A website that looks after those who use it, both as sellers and buyers. One where your needs are met quickly and efficiently. 

Pocketful of Dreams

There are such a range of items on Made In Cymru and if you would like to see what I can offer then please take a look at my shop here.

If you would like a sneak peek of new items I make before they hit my shop then you can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I also make bespoke orders so feel free to message me on any site. I love to hear from you! So please, take a look and consider giving me the opportunity to happy dance!!


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