My Fused Glass Journey - LC Creative
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My Fused Glass Journey - LC Creative

Meet the people behind our shops!

In this blog series, we will introduce you not only to some of our favourite shops on the Made in Cymru platform but also find out what makes them special. From what motivated them to start creating to how much time goes into making each piece for sale - Each shop is uniquely different that you can't help but be inspired.

Lousia from LC Creative

How did I get here? I did a couple of courses with Cheshire School of Glass in October 2019 and February 2020 and now, I have a kiln, a workbench full of glass, social media business accounts and even a website as well as a shop on Made in Cymru!

As you can tell from that statement, I’m still very much a beginner, at the start of my journey making fused glass and setting up a business to sell it. In my head, when I started, this was a 3-year plan… to improve my glass-making skills, while developing the platforms to sell my designs, aiming to have everything in place by the time I’m 55. My idea was to have a little sideline, making money from what started as a hobby, so I could think about reducing my hours in work.

The circumstances caused by COVID-19 seemed to have accelerated my plan. The extra spare time at home is being spent at my work bench making fused glass. I’m practicing new techniques and my designs are improving. I’ve set up Facebook and Instagram pages and have had some great feedback, and I’ve sold more than I would ever have expected at this stage in my journey. I’ve even been commissioned to make 16 tiles for one friend’s bathroom, and a splash back for another friend’s campervan! I’m astonished and ecstatic!

This is all good news but isn’t without problems. I love it when people ask to buy my glass but then I worry how I’ll find time to make it. I’m still working full-time. Making so much glass is also costing a small fortune… I’ve spent over £2500 buying the kiln, glass working tools, and a large assortment of glass in different types and colours. At the moment I’m happy to cover my costs but I’ll have to think about increasing my prices soon.

I also have to remind myself not to try and run before I can walk. I have ambitious ideas for designs I’d like to try, but I can’t afford to waste too much glass using trial and error. I can’t wait until I can have another session with Jen at Cheshire School of Glass and get some invaluable advice. In the meantime, I’ll carry on, doing what I can in the evenings and at weekends, developing my glass skills and designs, gathering feedback and raising awareness of LC Creative… my business… I never imagined I’d say that!

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