The Ultimate Guide to Buying Welsh Jewellery for Loved Ones
Welsh Jewellery

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Welsh Jewellery for Loved Ones

Wales is a country that's known for its crafts and the amazing quality of Welsh jewellery. Famous for its quality and the care that's put into making it, Welsh jewellery is something that is certainly worth the investment and today we'll be looking into some items that're definitely worth checking out.

What is the significance of Welsh jewellery?

The tradition of making jewellery in Wales has been done for millennia and has always been a very popular way for people to show to another much much they mean to them. Whether it's something simple but classy like a Welsh brooch or something a little more eye-catching like a pair of Welsh earrings, Welsh jewellery is special.

As time has gone in we have seen more people from outside of Wales take an interest in Welsh jewellery and are willing to spend that little bit more on items that they know are good quality. They are also popular with people looking to connect with their Celtic ancestry and offer a way for people to show their appreciation and respect.

We stock a number of different Welsh jewellery items that are worth checking out and we’ve listed them here in an easy-to-read guide, telling you everything you need to know.

Welsh brooches

Welsh brooches are highly rooted in tradition and have been a popular item of clothing since the Celtic times, over two thousand years ago! When you think of Welsh jewellery one of the first things that spring to mind are Welsh brooches and they can be an incredible addition to almost any outfit. If you want to make a statement, wear a Welsh brooch.

Welsh brooches are amazing gifts that can be given to loved ones as a token of your affection and appreciation whilst they are also perfect for gifting to family members. There are many meanings associated with these items and here on Made in Cymru we're so happy to be able to stock so many different Welsh brooches from a variety of sellers.

Welsh earrings

As we touched upon earlier, nothing says quality like handmade Welsh jewellery and this is so important when it comes to buying earrings. They're the ultimate statement piece and are a great way for you to tie together an outfit and really draw attention to your face. They also make for amazing birthday and anniversary presents...

Made in Cymru sells a massive variety of Welsh jewellery items and this includes over 100 different pairs of Welsh earrings. All of our items are sold by local sellers so you can be sure that the Welsh earrings you buy on our site are being sold by Welsh sellers and that your purchase will help local businesses during a difficult time.

Buying somebody a necklace can be a great way of showing that you care about them and when it comes to necklaces, it's always worth spending that little bit more in order to make sure that it's good quality. Our Welsh necklaces are handmade and crafted using only the best possible components, meaning you get a product that'll last.

Whether you want a necklace that's stamped in Conwy and can be given to loved ones or friends or you want to treat yourself to a crystal-filled Welsh necklace that'll help align your chakras, we sell many different Welsh necklaces that suit a whole range of people. If you want an item that's a little more personal, you can always reach out to the sellers via our website.

Welsh rings

Rings are the ultimate gift that you can buy for a woman and so you should have an idea of what you want. Make sure that it not only fits but that it's of the best quality. When you buy Welsh rings, this comes as an almost complete certainty and over the years there have been numerous companies that have risen, including Clogau Gold.

There's no wrong way to wear a Welsh ring and they make for the perfect gifts. Whether you're buying one for a birthday or a specific milestone, there is almost definitely a Welsh ring out there that'll be the perfect gift. If you're interested, check out our selection of Welsh rings.

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