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Welsh Food & Drink

Wales is a country known for its singers, scenery, and sheep... though we think it should also receive much more recognition for the amazing food and drink it was on offer. In this article, we'll be exploring some of the more famous Welsh food & drink items that you need to be aware of and should give a try.

Famous Welsh food items

While we might commonly associate the topic of Welsh food with dishes like Welsh Rarebit and different cuts of Welsh lamb, there are many other food items that are made in wales and help support a thriving local economy. Here are just a few Welsh food items you need to check out.

Welsh Cakes

1. Welshcakes

Possibly the food that is most loves within Wales, Welshcakes are a Welsh food staple and something any visit absolutely needs to try at least once. There's nothing to dislike about them, other than being a little dry sometimes, and they are absolutely perfect in the evening when served alongside a cup of tea.

2. Welsh cheese

While Wales doesn't quite have the reputation that France does when it comes to cheese making, not at the moment anyway, there are many incredible kinds of cheese that we think will become even more popular over the coming years as more and more people become aware. If you're curious, you can try some as part of this Welsh Port and Cheese Hamper.

Welsh Cheese

3. Glamorgan sausage

This sausage is made with pork, Caerphilly cheese, and leeks. The link is then coated in breadcrumbs and fried. It is commonly served as part of a traditional Welsh breakfast and is more popular in the south of Wales than up north, if you want to try it in a local cafe. It's certainly an acquired taste but a must-try when you visit the area.

4. Bara brith

Another contender for the crown of the most popular Welsh food, bara brith is a lot more divisive than welsh cakes and there are a fair few locals who aren't a massive fan. If you like dried fruits and are fond of a stodgy, cake-like bread, you'll enjoy bara brith. If you still can't imagine the taste think of malt load but with a bit more texture to it.

Famous Welsh drinks

Welsh drinks are much less well-known and while it's still a relatively small part of what Wales has to offer, we think this could change a lot over the coming years and become something that Wales is known far and wide for. Here are a few examples of Welsh drinks that we think you'd love.

1. Welsh beer

Wales has a long and well-documented brewing tradition that dates back hundreds of years. While there are many different Welsh breweries making amazing Welsh beer, you're more likely to have heard of the Brecon Brewing Company and the Purple Moose Brewery. If you fancy giving Welsh beer a try, check out our huge selection.

Welsh Whiskey

2. Welsh wine

Wales has a number of vineyards that produce red, white, and rosé wines. This Welsh drink is probably the least known and we think many locals would even be surprised that we are able to grow our very own wines. As we've seen elsewhere in the UK, our climate is great for growing certain grape varieties so keep an eye out for Welsh wine.

3. Welsh whisky

Wales has a number of whisky distilleries, the most famous of which is the Penderyn Distillery. Penderyn produces a number of different whiskies and you can even visit their distillery next time you're in Llandudno by heading down to Lloyd Street. Welsh whisky has developed a reputation for its quality and is definitely worth a try.

4. Welsh gin

Wales has a number of gin distilleries and at the moment they seem to be one of the most exported Welsh drink items. We stock a huge variety of Welsh gins and there are so many for you to choose from, ranging from fruitier varieties to the more classic, sharper gins that you're likely accustomed to.




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