White Welsh Rum From Spirit of Wales Distillery Now Listed On Made In Cymru
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White Welsh Rum From Spirit of Wales Distillery Now Listed On Made In Cymru

Spirit of Wales Distillery announced the newest addition to their portfolio, Steeltown Welsh White Rum, which previously lived within their distillery release collection. Spirit of Wales, The Newport distillery, created their Steeltown range as a commemoration of the Welsh. The people of Wales inspired each premium produced spirit from the distillery, with two juxtaposed Welsh landscapes, the coal and steel industries of Wales, and the fauna and flora of the region. Steeltown White Welsh Rum is a contemporary styled molasses-based rum with crisp notes of toffee, baking spices, and oak.

A Molasses, White Rum with a Rich Velvety Finish

Spirit of Wales, Steeltown Welsh Rum is a molasses-based White Welsh Rum with Crisp notes of fresh-cut grass intermingled with deep aromas of toffee, soft baking spices, and oak. Inspired by the steel and coal workers of South Wales, a tip of the hat to the Welsh fishing industry that still feeds our nation today. Iechyd da.

A contemporary white rum made in Newport, Wales with taste notes of sticky sweet toffee pudding from the onset, followed by vanilla custard and a cascade of complex vegetal elements and bold molasses tones. Rich laced notes of cloves and oak mouth-filling velvety finish are noticeable in this Welsh rum.

Spirit of Wales Distillery initially launched their Welsh Rum under their distillery release brand. After selling out and getting excellent reviews, they kept it as part of their Steeltown Range. Included in this range is the recently launched Steeltown Blueberry Gin to complement their award-winning Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin and Steeltown Welsh Vodka. Besides the distillery’s contemporary range of premium spirits, the distillery has crafted a range of curiosity spirits that feature under the Dragon’s Breath range.

Daniel Dyer, founder, and distillery host commented,

“Our distillery released white rum was liked by customers around Wales. We were going for a light white rum, giving out the fruity tones of the Caribbean soil picked up by the sugar cane, keeping our process simple. I am delighted that we managed to achieve that and produce a real white rum with tropical fruity undertones”.

Head over to the Sprit of Wales Distillery shop to grab your bottle today.

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