Bracelet in Welsh Colours with Dragon Charm

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If you are, or know someone who is a sports fan, this might be a perfect little gift idea, but not just for someone who loves to watch rugby, but also for someone who is proud to be Welsh:

A bracelet crocheted from green red and white pure cotton, with a silver plated dragon charm dangling down to the green part, which makes it look like he is on a meadow.
The charm will stay fixed as I am crocheting it right onto the bracelet

These bracelets are made to order - one size does not really fit all in this case

Please add which size or sizes you need to your order:
XS ca. 14.5 cm
S ca 15.5 cm
M ca 16.5 cm
L ca 18 cm
XL ca 20 cm - or alternatively, if you have it, send me a measurement, but please make sure to measure over your/the wrist bone, and not too tight, or measure a closed! bracelet if you are looking for a surprise gift.

You see the bracelets in 3 different widths
Option 1, the wide one, is my favourite, I crochet it in amigurumi style

Your order will be sent in a small large letter box, I use tissue paper to line it. I am happy to add a little message for you, if you would like to send a gift directly.

The price mentioned in the pricing box is for the wide bracelet
As I cannot add more prices please message/email me if you are looking for one of the smaller options - thank you !!

And thanks for your interest,

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