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Elasticated Fluorite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Angelite, Aquarmarine and Amazonite with sterling silver beads. 
The gemstone beads are approximately 5mm and the sterling silver beads are 3mm. 
The bracelet measures approximately 6.5 inches, however it can be made to measure at no extra cost.

Fluorite is believed to help with the evolution of peaceful, harmonious, and organised spiritual growth.

Chinese Amazonite is said to be an extremely soothing stone with balancing properties. It is also said to enhance intuition, psychic powers, creativity and intellect.

Amethyst is considered to be a protective stone. It is said to help the mind as it’s calming and stimulating. 

Moon Stone is said to carry lunar energy that helps balance emotional upsets.It is considered to be a stone of inner growth and strength, and is quite often worn for somebody who is seeking a new beginning, as it is believed to have the effect of soothing emotional instability and stress, providing the wearer a calm outlook on life.

Aquamarine is believed to be the stone of courage. It is said to have a calming energy which quietens the mind.

Rose Quartz is considered to be a stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It's said to help with loving yourself and others.

Angelite is believed to enhance telepathic communications. It is believed to be the stone allows one to speak the truth and to be more compassionate.

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