Best Tips and Resources for Starting a Made In Cymru Shop
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Best Tips and Resources for Starting a Made In Cymru Shop

A mistake that many independent Welsh crafters can make is thinking that just because they can create something pretty cool by hand, they will be able to sell it easily on a marketplace such as Made In Cymru or Etsy.
But this isn't always the case; every product on Made In Cymru does not have the same potential for bringing in profit. While the development of your product line can start with an item or two that you have handmade and truly love, success will only come if you do the proper research into the market and competitors already on Made In Cymru. 

Take the best possible photos

Yeah yeah, a picture is worth a thousand words and all that but in your case it really is, think about it, you are competing with several other sellers in your chosen category and the first thing customers see if your photos. All of your product photos must be interesting, accurate, and representative, conveying to potential customers exactly what they can expect to receive with their purchase. You don't need expensive equipment to take great product photos; your smartphone will work fine. 

Write a detailed product description

Once you have your photographs and design in place, further captivate your potential customers with an attractive and engaging product description. Truly personalise your product by talking about how you made it, what the process was like for you, and what benefits you hope it will bring to the customer. Make sure you use keyword tags so that your product can be found when someone searches Made In Cymru or the web (Google) in general.

Brand your shop

As part of your free seller account with Made In Cymru you are able to personalise your own shop page. The best way to do so is to create a strong and unique brand which carries through from your shop to your products to your packaging. Start by coming up with the right name for your shop. Then make sure you complete the profile section in your seller account and then finally customise your shop with a logo and banner that supports your brand. 

Connect with your customers

Buyers are the lifeblood of your Made In Cymru business; make them feel valued so that they buy from you repeatedly. Share your background and the story of your products with your customers so that they get to know and trust you. After each sale, Made In Cymru sends out a follow up email asking for their feedback and reviews.

A good experience with your shop can go a long way, so think about packaging, and presentation. 

Promote with SEO, Social Media, and Word of Mouth

Promoting your Made In Cymru shop doesn't have to cost much. With a little time dedicated to marketing, you can increase traffic to your shop and hopefully increase sales, too. Start by using the basic SEO techniques to help your shop rise to the top of Made In Cymru and Google searches. Then, add in some social media promotion, using those fantastic images you created to build interest in your products. 

Made In Cymru resources

Be sure to utilise Made In Cymru itself. We are always happy to help out our sellers in any way we can.

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