About Us

What is “Made in Cymru”?

“Made in Cymru” is a national online platform supporting boutique artisans and businesses across Wales. We strive to support Welsh artists and businesses sell their unique creations.

Founded in February 2021 by Welsh devotee Mike who has a background in Marketing and also runs Beyond Goat - a marketing agency offering Google advertising services, “Made in Cymru” was set up as a marketplace to sell gifts, crafts, and products to both local and wider audiences throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of over 2000 premium quality items made by the finest independent artists across Wales, from hand-crafted jewellery to bespoke collectibles. “Made In Cymru” supports over 520 independent Welsh retailers, crafters, and producers.

Each item is proudly made with love, care, and excellence, offering our customers one-of-a-kind designs. With the increased demand for local, handmade items, more customers are making the switch to sustainable shopping. Buying local through our platform not only supports local sellers but sustains families and communities across Wales. Every purchase that you make helps that artisan develop their business, and their dreams, allowing them to re-invest their money back into their business and the local economy.

Every product tells a heartfelt story of devotion and mastery. There is a charm with handmade gifts that are hard to find with mass-produced items. Discover products you can fall in love with, with each item having its own unique story and its own deeper meaning. Whether you are buying a gift for yourself, or a loved one, each seller offers products that are truly incomparable and are sure to find a place in your heart.

“Made In Cymru” is the 2021 Welsh Enterprise eCommerce platform of the year award winner, an organisation of passion and pride. When you buy a Welsh product through our marketplace, that money goes directly to our independent sellers. If you want to give your loved one a memorable gift, shop small with a local artisan through our Welsh marketplace, and find something truly irreplaceable.