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St Dwynwen
St Dwynwen's Day
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St Dwynwen's Day

When is St Dwynwen's Day?

Are you familiar with St Dwynwen's Day? It's a Welsh holiday that falls on January 25th and is dedicated to lovers.

St Dwynwen's Day in 2022 falls on a Tuesday

Who was St Dwynwen?

St Dwynwen is the Welsh patron saint of lovers, which makes her a very special figure in Wales. This Saint was born during the 5th century and it's said that she was one of 24 daughters from King Brychan’s court! Her name means “Dwyn" meaning love; "Gweinon Dafodrill", referring to Maelen (Prince) who loved his daughter dearly but couldn't marry because he had another engagement with someone else already!-- so much sadness here :(

When she was left heartbroken and devastated by Maelon's rejection, it seemed that Dwynwen would be forever lost to him. But an angel appeared with a sweet potion designed just for her: the forgetful drops would make all memory of this man turn into ice in your mind--and you can happily carry on without ever feeling sad again!

When she was still alive, Dwynwen founded a convent on Llanddwyn and became known for her ability to attract pilgrims with promises of holy water. Her death in 465 AD made the town around this well-known place sacred as people believed that eels living within would tell them if their relationship would be happy or not; love too could await you at its bottom! Remains from the church still exist today

The day has been celebrated for many centuries as the day when lovers show their love by giving each other St Dwynwen’s gifts and cards and it's becoming more popular as each year passes. If you want to express your feelings before Valentine's, then why not do it three weeks earlier on St Dwynwen's Day?

Happy St Dwynwen's Day

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