What is Welsh craft gin?

Welsh Craft gin is all the rage lately. But what is it, and how does it differ from other gins? Read on to learn more about this growing trend. Craft gin is made in small batches, often with unique and unusual botanicals. This gives it a flavour that's different from mass-produced gin brands. If you're looking for something new and exciting to drink, craft gin is worth a try. Cheers!

What exactly is craft gin?

It’s a phrase that gets thrown around quite often these days and although there isn’t any real definition of what it means and it comes down to how you define it, we believe craft gin is about the love that goes into making the gin in Wales. It’s about the people behind that gin and the care and attention they put into it, we only see the final product but the stuff that goes on in the background like thinking of the recipes, sourcing ingredients, production etc.

Welsh craft gin isn’t just about making money, it’s a hobby, a passion something that we Welsh can all know about and can get behind quite easily.

Welsh Gins

Gin is enjoying a bit of a renaissance at the moment, and there are some great Welsh gins available if you know where to look. Here's our guide to the best Welsh gins on offer, so you can enjoy a tipple that's unique to your homeland.

In the Welsh Wind Gin

In The Welsh Wind Distillery is a small distillery in Wales, situated overlooking Cardigan Bay, They specialise in creating bespoke spirits tailored to their customers in copper pot stills Meredith and Afanc.

Welsh Witch Gin

Also known as Wild Moon, there products are created in North Wales and founded by the Welsh Witch, creators of premium craft spirits.  Their core products are sourced and crafted locally.

Welsh Sisters Gin

The company is a family business that has been making award-winning contemporary gins since its inception. They use boldly unconventional botanicals to tell the story of women who’ve always played an important role in Welsh coastal communities and produce small batches using a handcrafted method from West Wales distillery, based out New Quay -a seaside town with a rich history

Spirit of Wales

In the heart of Wales, you will find a place that is home to authentic spirits. The Steeltown Distillery makes some delicious gins and vodkas with unique flavours!

Jin Ceiriog

They have combined their love of adventure in the great outdoors with their love of gin, to create the Jin Ceiriog Distillery Co., a small batch gin distillery inspired by the wonderful landscapes of the Ceiriog Valley and beyond.

Welsh Gin Gifts

Welsh Craft gins are a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. These hand-crafted spirits combine traditional techniques with modern, innovative flavours to create something new and exciting for gin lovers everywhere. Welsh Ginnovation has crafted several different styles of craft gins which you can buy online now!

Usually made in small batches shop our Welsh Gin selection today before they’re gone!

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