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These small hammered sterling silver dangle earrings are the perfect sparkly unique jewellery gift for mum, sister, daughter.

Silver jewellery has been worn for centuries and has been a staple of many a jewellery collection. Referred to as the metal of emotions, healing and love, silver jewellery is not only believed to bring the wearer patience and perseverance but also provide balance and protection. Silver has a bright and clear appearance and represents qualities such as purity, clarity, and vision and it also symbolises subtle strength. Silver is very versatile, strong, yet malleable and can withstand wear and tear and even heat.

So, what is sterling silver exactly? It's an alloyed form of silver which makes it more suitable than fine silver (99.9% silver) which is too soft and malleable to use in jewellery-making. Sterling silver is the result of alloying 92.5% fine silver with 7.5% copper and this percentage of fine silver is why sterling silver is referred to as "925 silver". The copper makes the silver harder, more durable and therefore much easier to work with and use, but without compromising on colour. Most silver jewellery that you buy and wear will be sterling silver.

Just a few things to remember...

 - NEVER wear your silver jewellery in the shower, bath or when you go swimming.
 - If you wear perfume, always put this on BEFORE your silver jewellery, because if you don't the oils in the perfume will stick to your silver jewellery.
 - Always store your silver jewellery carefully in a box as this will protect it and keep it safe.
 - Clean it carefully with a gentle silver polishing cloth if required.
 - NEVER sleep in your silver jewellery, especially if it's a pendant on a chain as this can become tangled while you sleep which is not good for either you or your jewellery.

Handmade in Wales.

Each sterling silver disc measures 9mm x 9mm.
The sterling silver earwires measure 12mm from the top to the loop and 20mm down the back.
The earrings have an overall drop length of 19mm.
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