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Preseli Bluestone: Healing Stone of the Ancestors


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A book that examines the myths and stories about Preseli Bluestone.
This stone from west Wales is central to the development of Stonehenge as the major ritual site of ancient Britain.

Sue and Simon Lillywere amongst the first people to seriously explore the spiritual and healing potential of this rare rock.
They present, here, more than 25 new and original layouts and techniques with which to experience for yourself the powerful energy of this stone.

2011 ISBN 978 1905454082

Tree Seer Publications

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Linda Dennis
Healing Stones

A lovely book which is easy to read and I am looking forward to work with it.

Great book, glad i was guided to it

I have only had a good scan through the book at present but what i have seen so far is very interesting. As i absolutely love all crystals, it is great to see in depth information and differing layouts pertainingto one specific stone, and a stone that is linked to such a phenomnal place as Stonehenge. I have loads of books on crystals but the universe guided me to add this one to my collection and i am so grateful it did. CJ x